Fanny Packs


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These Fanny Packs are Chic and Edgy! Add them for a POP and convenience of a clutch! All have adjustable waist bands.

1. Iridescent Polyurethane: Colors (Gold, Silver & Rose Gold) $31.50
2. Solid Sequins: Colors (Black, Gold & Silver) $32.50
3. Multi-Color Sequins: Colors (Black/Silver & Pink/Blue/Green) $32.50
4. Faux Fur: Colors (Cobalt Blue & Fuchsia) $36.50


  • Solid Sequins Gold Sold Out
  • Solid Sequins Sliver Sold Out
  • Solid Sequins Black Sold Out
  • Multi-Sequins (Blck/Slver)
  • Multi-Sequins (P/B/G)
  • Iridescent Gold Sold Out
  • Iridescent Silver
  • Iridescent Rose Sold Out
  • Faux Fur Blue Sold Out
  • Faux Fur Fuchsia Sold Out


Image of Fanny Packs Image of Fanny Packs